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ShopLiah.Com features a variety of small home products selected for function, quality, durability and price  -including small mobile power banks, computer accessories, kitchen accessories, small kitchen appliances, personal health & beauty aids and great gift sets.

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Mini Power Banks

Mini LED Flashlight Power Bank 5000mA

Small, powerful, lightweight, USB charger power bank, doubles as flashlight and fits right into your front pocket.

Mini Power Bank 5000mA

Compact, long lasting, dependable, super small power bank -easily charges multiple devices simultaneously.

Computer Accessories

Monitor & Laptop Computer Stand

Multimedia stand with built-in wireless phone charger & speakers, and 4 high-speed USB connections. Helps improve sitting posture by raising monitor height closer to eye level.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Midea Brand Induction Cooktop

Midea's 2200W Induction Cooktop is powerful, fast, versatile and space saving -turning any small surface into a working kitchen.

Mini Portable Electric Water Kettle 800W

Small, ultra-fast 0.6L Midea water kettle suitable for travel.

Midea Electric Water Kettle 1.5L 1850-2200W

Ultra-fast water kettle with double walls for a cool touch.

Mini Kitchen Helper

Heat seals plastic bags securely & neatly cuts them open. Also disinfects small items with built-in UV light. Compact design, makes an ideal kitchen accessory.

Gift Ideas

Wine Bottle Opener 9-Piece Gift Box Set

Open corked wine bottles with an easy single motion, and other wine-lover must-have accessories.

Personal Gadgets

Dual Mini Wearable Neck Fans

Keep cool -and on the go -with these powerful, rechargeable, scented, 3-speed personal mini fans.

Nano Mist Spray

Portable electric atomizing spray. Use to hydrate and moisturize face & skin, or use as surface disinfectant.