Mini Kitchen Helper (3-Pack)


Heat seals plastic bags securely & neatly cuts them open. Also disinfects small items with built-in UV light. Compact design, makes an ideal kitchen accessory.

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The Mini Kitchen Helper extends the freshness of packaged food longer by sealing out air, moisture and mildew. It also helps to disinfect surfaces such as baby bottles, mobile phones, tooth brushes, door handles, and even PPE masks.

This small and simple device is quick and easy to use, and is conveniently useful to have around. Opens bags neatly from one side, and securely seals from the other. Just press and hold for 5 seconds to warm up the high temperature sealer, then slide across the bag to seal. Slide across a bit slower for thicker bags and faster for thinner ones (Only for use on plastics).



Product Features:

Mini Kitchen helper
Compact design
High temperature seal
Includes leather hanging strap
Available in teal, pink and white
AA batteries included

3 Function design:
One side cuts
One side seals
Sterilizes surfaces with UV light
Strong seal keeps out moisture & mildew

Easy to use:
Clamp to warm up for 5 seconds
Place sealer over plastic bag
Slide device across plastic bag







Disinfection Lamp: UVC Lamp-2
Size: 5″ x 1.5″ x 1.8″
Metric: 128mm x 38mm x 35mm
Materials: ABS Plastic, copper, ceramic
Uses AA Batteries


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Dimensions 5 × 1.8 × 1.5 in
Color MPB

Blue, Pink, White


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